Oral7 for Dry Mouth

Hey! It’s been a long time since I have done anything but life has been crazy! I started a new job, my baby turned 1, and summer is always full of activities. One thing I did do over this last little bit is participate in some really fun blogger things! One of those was getting the FREE 7 day trial for Oral7. Oral7 is a new product that helps with dry mouth. (This post does contain affiliate links).

Dry mouth is something that almost everyone has dealt with in their life. Dry mouth doesn’t only affect that constant need for liquid but it can also make you have bad breath.

My teeth are super sensitive to the point where if I don’t use sensitive teeth toothpaste a drink of water would hurt my teeth. So, I was worried to try something new. I didn’t really think I had a dry mouth problem so I was skeptical.

After the first couple of days I found that I didn’t wake up with that nasty feeling in my mouth. I also didn’t need to wake up and drink bunches of water throughout the night. After the seven days I felt like a whole new mouth!

I do not use this product everyday now, but I do still use it a few times a week and it still helps. The other awesome thing about this is it doesn’t contain a lot of the nasty stuff that a lot of beauty products contain (see this link for more info). So If you are ready to get rid of your dry mouth and you want to try a FREE 7 day trial click the link. (I am an affiliate).

If you give it a try let me know what you think!!

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