How Kids View Their Mom

Firstly, I hope you all had an excellent Mother’s Day! For Mother’s Day I wanted to do something a little different. I feel as mommas sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves and feel like we aren’t doing as good of a job as we would like. So instead of talking about how wonderful my mom is, and she is, or how I hope to be as a mom I decided that I would talk about how kids view their mom.

Speaking of mommas I am doing an awesome contributor piece over at Little & Mighty! I was one of ten Mighty Mommas chosen to answer ten questions which is an ongoing series where mommas share their candid and raw thoughts on motherhood. The intention is to create a supportive forum for sharing without judgment. Mommas are so mighty and we are using that strength to build a powerful group of wonderful women who believe in motherhood. The answers from all ten of us mommas will be every Monday starting May 9th, 2016. Check out the introductory post where you can meet all ten mommas (including me)! Then go check out each question each Monday!

So for this Mother’s Day post I asked a few friends if I could interview their kids to ask them some questions about their mom.¬†kids view mom

I interviewed 2 girls and 1 boy and asked them each the same five questions. They range in age from five to seven and all have 2 siblings. I decided to record their answers in a short video just for fun so you could hear it from them! Please excuse my comments and voice – I have had the worst allergies and I sound all stuffy!

The five questions I asked were:

  • What is your favorite thing about your mom?
  • What is your moms favorite food?
  • What does your mom look like?
  • What is one thing that makes your mom mad?
  • What is one thing that your mom has taught you?

Each video is only about one to two minutes long and their answers are pretty funny!


Video One:

Answers (in case you can’t hear them):

  • That she loves me
  • Apples
  • She is really pretty
  • When I do bad things
  • Lots of tricks – kick flip and summer salts

Video Two:

Answers (in case you can’t hear them):

  • She takes care of me and shes very nice
  • Healthy protein stuff
  • A very fitness woman
  • That we sing and be hyper
  • To shoot correctly in basketball

Video Three:

Answers (in case you can’t hear them):

  • That she takes me outside and plays with me, and she loves me, and she reads me a bedtime story at night
  • Pot pie
  • She has brown hair, and skin kinda like mine, and her eyes are brown
  • When I lie and me and my brother don’t do what she asks
  • How to sew

I hope that you enjoyed these as much as I did! It was so fun to hear what they had to say about their moms. I love all of their answers and I hope that it can show moms everywhere that our kids love us for who we are! I know that even though we as moms are super critical of ourselves we are still number 1 in our kids eyes! Enjoy xoxo!!

14 thoughts on “How Kids View Their Mom

    1. Thank you! It was so much fun and something different. They did love it – I had other mom friends that requested I interview their kids the next time! LOL.

    1. Thank you!! That is a good idea. It was super fun and interesting because I wouldn’t let their moms listen. Super genuine answers – it would be funny to see how they changed over time!

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