Railtek Belt – Not Your Average Belt Review

Have you ever worn a belt that gets that weird crease in it after you have been wearing it too long? Ever lost or gained a bunch of weight and had to go buy a new belt with every time you eat a little much at Thanksgiving? That is what makes the Railtek belt not your average belt. It doesn’t have holes, and it has a ratchet system to loosen and tighten the belt which makes it an upgraded one belt fits all! Railtek Belts sent me a free belt for an honest review and since I have been trying to find just the right belt for the hubs I jumped at the chance.

What makes this belt different & why did I want to get it for my husband to try?

I honestly do not wear belts. I live in yoga pants, leggings, and sweat pants. On the off chance I have a belt on, I usually use those cloth ones or one of my hubby’s. But, I wanted to try this product because my husband is always going through clothes. He is really hard on his stuff, and so I wanted to see if I could find a belt that would hold up to his standards. So, I gave the belt to the hubs to try it out. Getting the belt to fit was super easy, and obviously it looks super slick. This belt would be perfect for casual days, or could be worn with fancy clothes as well.

Railtek Belt not your average belt

When I first received the belt, I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of leather, the sleek look, and the feel of the belt in general. We received a black belt which is awesome because I am not a huge fan of brown leather. BUT, I do love that they have some different options as far as the leather color and the belt buckle. Since my husband works in the dirt all day and needs something that can hold his Leatherman and his pants, I thought this looks perfect! As a side note my husband is also pretty picky. He is very particular about the clothes he wears – how they fit, feel, look, and how they are made. He likes that the design is simple, and there isn’t a lot to this belt. The ratchet system is really awesome and works with all shapes and sizes! If you have younger boys, you can order a small and cut the belt more to length so that it will fit! He liked that is wasn’t gimicky and that it worked flawlessly. I have to admit that I have not tried to put on the belt, and would probably need a lesson. I don’t think that it is hard to figure out, I think that it’s just one of those things that I would need to be shown how to do. My hubs also loved that it didn’t have the holes, so the belt will last a really long time! This belt is nice because if his weight fluctuates then he won’t have to worry about adding any holes so the belt fits just right! The belts is also priced really well at less than $30.00 each and they do NOT sacrifice quality! In the end, it still looks brand new. It has held up to hikes, and normal everyday wear with no problems!

railtek not your average belt

This is honestly the perfect time of year to get the guy in your life a new belt, and Railtek has some great stuff coming up! First off you have Father’s Day. Take a break from the tie or socks and grab your dad a belt to make him feel super snazzy! With the options they have it would be perfect for every dad!

Railtek also is having “Missionary May” where any Railtek belt purchased in May will be shipped to the missionary for FREE! If they are out of the country, you can get it shipped to you for FREE and send it to them in their care package. Just use the coupon code MISHMAY. This is a great thing for anyone that has a missionary getting ready to leave!

This belt would also make a great gift for going off to college or for back to school in the fall. It is stylish, you won’t break the bank, AND it will probably last them until they decide they don’t like it anymore (which they won’t)!  So go ahead and try it! What do you have to lose – besides your pants?


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