March Ipsy Bag Review

Hey all!! I want to start doing a monthly Ipsy review of the items I receive in my bag. If you do not have Ipsy then you should definitely think about getting one. It is really affordable and you also can get some pretty cool stuff in it. I will be honest I don’t always like the stuff I get or I get something that I don’t use. But, for the most part its a win. I wanted to tell you what I got this month, and then tell you my thoughts about it! Honestly, this month missed the mark on most of the items, but I still suggest you give it a try! (This page contains an affiliate link at the bottom of the page! All makeup websites are NOT affiliate links). VigLink badge (I make money with Viglink – click for details)

Margaret DabbsNail Buffer – In all honesty, I have not used this. I do not really spend a lot of time doing my nails, and when I do its usually just finger nail polish that usually comes off after a couple of days. I might use this sometime – but right now I don’t see it. I really like this company though so I hope I will get to try some different products! Visit their website HERE!

TEMPTUBronzerColor Warm Glow – I am not a huge bronzer person. I have super pale skin and the brown bronzers I feel make me look like I have been playing in my moms makeup. But I do like the shade of this. The consistency is nice, and if I want to take the time to blend it out really nice it does look good! Again, I am hoping I get a powder bronzer because I feel like it goes better on my skin. Visit their website HERE!

NYX – Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick – Color Kitten Heels – Firstly, I am a HUGE NYX fan. I love their concealer, lip colors, eye shadows, and well pretty much everything. That being said I do love their Liquid Suede line BUT I am not a fan of this shade. At least on me. I am more of a nude shade lip girl. I do not love the super red shade on myself – probably because my skin is so fair and light. I love this shade on some women, but I do not personally think I can pull it off. Hoping to get a different shade next time! Visit their website HERE!

Aphrodite – Olive Oil Eye Cream – I absolutely LOVE this! You barely need any out of the tube, and it feels so refreshing and creamy on your eyes. I can honestly say that I feel the cool moisture throughout the whole day! If I am feeling tired, I can dab a little of this around my eyes and I feel totally refreshed! I love the way this feels on my skin and it has a nice unscented scent! I would highly recommend this product! Visit their website HERE!

Skone – Insanely Intense TATTOOED Waterproof Eyeliner – Color Jet Black – This product was a home run! I don’t wear eyeliner that much, but when I do let me tell you, the way this goes on is sooo easy and smooth. Doing wings or just a thin line is so easy with this pen. I love how this goes on and looks on the eye. If you love eyeliner (I think we all do) then this is worth a try! Visit their website HERE!

As for the bag, I thought it was really cute this month! I liked how Sping-y the bag looked and the colors! I can’t wait to see what I get in April! Thanks for stopping by! Loves!! XOXO



7 thoughts on “March Ipsy Bag Review

  1. I’m so jealous of all these Ipsy bag reviews. I love Ipsy. I used to subscribe but I stopped once I found out I was pregnant. There are just so many chemicals and ingredients to avoid while pregnant that it didn’t make sense for me to keep getting the bag for 9 months and not be able to use a lot of the stuff. I can’t wait to start getting them again once I give birth.

    1. Congrats on the baby momma! Yea I get what your saying, although I don’t know I might keep it up just so I could have a bunch of stuff for later!! LOL! But, I totally get where you are coming from! I have been thinking about trying another box/bag but I am not sure if I really want to.

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